Vickers Type 571
571 in anti-flash white default livery
Aircraft Type 583
Manufacturer Vickers
Year 1960 (Design Frozen)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, tactical strike
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds No
Custom Instruments No
3D Cockpit No
3D Object No
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background Edit

In 1952 Air Vice-Marshal Geoffrey Tuttle wrote ‘Frankly, I do not believe that we will get much operational value out of the Canberra from 1955 onwards...the aircraft is already out of date and I doubt it’s chances of survival in daylight against present MiG-15 opposition’. Thus started the TSR2 story.

In March 1957, GOR.339 outlined the features of the canberra replacement. Vickers Supermarine studied over 40 designs, evaluating and rejecting variable geometry. Their studies determined that an aircraft able to meet the requirements would have to be very large. They developed an approach of changeable mission packs allowing the airframe to remain a sensible size.

The 571 was detailed as a single engined tactical bomber constructed with light aluminium alloy and employing titanium in the engine bays. It would be powered by a Rolls-Royce RB.142 engine. Fuel was housed in two wing tip drop tanks. It had an unusual feature of forward raked air intakes. Blown flaps for short take offs were incorporated from experience developed in the scimitar. The proposal also included a larger twin engined version with much the same performance, but better range.

The proposal for the larger of the two aircraft was combined with the English Electric’s P.17 delta wing to create the TSR.2. The key Vickers features carried forward were the structural elements, systems and avionics and Scimitar derived blown flaps and Vicker’s project management capability

X-Plane Development Edit

There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

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