Supermarine Type 559
Supermarine Type 559
Aircraft Type 559
Manufacturer Vickers Supermarine
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, Air Intercept
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background Edit

Whilst the investigations into mach 2 flight were proceeding, attention turned to the development of a mach 2 interceptor aircraft that could replace the Lightning and Javelin. Requirement F.155 defined an aircraft that could intercept an enemy aircraft at 65,000 feet, 70 miles from base within 6 minutes.

One of the main limitations of interceptors to date was fuel capacity, and consequently Vickers Supermarine developed a large aircraft with a large fuel capacity. It was powered by two de Havilland Gyron reheated engines plus the unusual (for today) addition of two rocket engines. The Spectre rocket engines burned the same kerosene as the jets, but combined this with hydrogen peroxide oxidizer. This power configuration ensured that the aircraft met the performance requirements of F.155.

The configuration of the aircraft is most striking and this aircraft shows the first merger between the Supermarine fighters and the Vickers bombers. This configuration was developed for the type 799 that lost out to the Avro 730. The rearward movement of the centre of gravity during supersonic flight required elevator trim to re-balance. Putting the wings in front of the centre of gravity / centre of lift reduced this trimming and consequently the drag induced. The engines were stacked to reduce frontal area, and then the vertical stabilisers were moved to the wing tips so they would be outside the disruptive airflow of the canards. This configuration gave a 10% fuel saving over a similar conventional layout.

F.155 died with the 1957 Defence White Paper. Air defence was considered to be best achieved with SAMs. The RAF did not get a purpose designed replacement for the Lightning until the 2007 introduction of the Typhoon

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