Supermarine Type 553
Supermarine Type 553 in prototype Livery
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X-Plane Version 8.64
Aircraft Version 1.0

Aircraft Background Edit

The complexity of mach 2 flight was realised during the 545 development. The ministry commissioned ER.143 to develop a technology demonstrator that would pave the way for mach 2 flight and the proposed OR.330 aircraft.

Vickers-Supermarine proposed the 553 with a moderately swept wing that had low speed advantages over a delta and high speed advantages over a straighter wing. It would be produced of aluminium alloy and designed to cope with 270 celsius skin temperatures. The decision was close, as much hotter and the aircraft would have to be made of heavier steel. The conventional layout with a shoulder mounter wing was proposed to simplify the the production process. The tail was all-moving to cope with pitch instability experiences in earlier aircraft.

The 553 was unsuccessful for the tender due to a dependence on the unproven RB.106 engine and flight endurance limitations. The Bristol 188 won the contract, however this aircraft was a failure due to endurance also !!

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There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

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