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Supermarine Type 510
Supermarine Type 510 in bare aluminium default Livery
Aircraft Type 508
Manufacturer Vickers Supermarine
Power Jet
Primary Use Prototype
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 9.00
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds Yes
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit Yes
3D Object Yes
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background[]

The Ministry released specification E.41/46 to build two prototype aircraft for a high speed single seat fighter to replace the Gloster Meteor. Supermarine won the contract and produced the type 510, that was essentially an Attacker with a modified wing and nose.

It first flew at Boscomb Down, a year after the Attacker prototype. It caused a sensation flying at the Farnborough air show in later on that year, alongside the V Bombers and Comet airliner. It was the first British swept wing aircraft and the first swept wing aircraft to take off and land on an aircraft carrier - HMS Illustrious. Later on in it’s life, the 510 was fitted with a modified tail to enable the incidence of the horizontal stabilizer to be adjusted. This modification was designated the Type 517.

The second prototype was designated the type 528 and fitted with a lengthened nose, afterburning engine and a tricycle undercarriage. The third was designated the 535, incorporating design changes to the wings - this was the prototype of the Swift.

The 510 survives at the Fleet Air Arm museum in Yeovilton. The 528 does not survive.

X-Plane Development[]

There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

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