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Supermarine Swift
Supermarine Swift in RAF default livery
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X-Plane Version 8.64
Aircraft Version 1.0

Aircraft Background[]

Growing tension with Russia and the Korean war encouraged the government to rush the Swift into production to provide a counter to the MiG-15. It had been developed from the Attacker via the 510 experimental demonstrator.

The Swift’s operational service was not a success. Minor problems had not had a chance to be ironed out before going into production. It was grounded in it’s first year of service after several fatal accidents due to pitch instability. The problems of pitch were resolved in later versions with a variable incidence tailplane.

The Swift did not last long in front line service with the RAF, but the FR5 reconnaissance version was maintained until the 1970s. Of the original production run of 500, less than 200 were made. Despite the poor performance, in 1953 the swift set a world speed record of 737 mph.

X-Plane Development[]

There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

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