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  • HMS King George V replaces the frigate. The lead ship of the King George class of battleships, she was the flagship of the home fleet and starred in the sinking of the Bismark, achieving a couple of direct hits. Towards the end of the war she served with the British Pacific Fleet before returning to serve in the Home Fleet. She was broken up in 1957 with the three other surviving ships of her class. The war in the pacific and the sinking of the Prince of Wales had shown that aircraft carriers were now the primary ships of a navy.
  • HMS Victorious replaces the Nimitz. Just two weeks after being commissioned, the Illustrious class carrier joined King George V in the hunt for the Bismark. Her Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers scored direct hits on the Bismark, but it would be Ark Royal's planes that would score the decisive hit three days later. In 1942 she was refitted in Norfolk Navy Yard (USA) with equipment such as soda and ice cream machines (!!) and sailed through the panama canal to serve with the US Navy under the name USS Robin where she survived three direct kamikaze hits to the flight deck. After the war in the pacific, she went through an extensive (8 year!) refit to provide her with an angled deck and become a base for the jet aged Supermarine Scimitars.
  • HMS Punjabi replaces sailboats. One of the 27 tribal class destroyers built up to and during WW2, Punjabi served in the Home Fleet patrolling the North Sea and Arctic Ocean. Whilst escorting a resupply convoy to Murmansk she strayed in front of King George V, and was sliced in half; the two parts sinking rapidly with the loss of 49 lives. USS Washington saw the accident at the last moment and had to steer between the two halves suffering minor damage.
  • Torpedo Boats and Tug Boats also replace sailboats and hot air balloons are replaced by barrage balloons.

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HMS Victorious is created with a hard deck, so aircraft are land-able on her. There are no arrestor cables however, so arrestor hooks will not work.


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