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P1127 XB386 in Bare Aluminium default livery
Aircraft P1127
Manufacturer Hawker
Year 1960 (First Flight)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, technology demonstrator
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds No
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit Yes
3D Object Yes
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background[]

The Harrier got off the ground through the P1127 programme in 1957. The airframe was the bare minimum needed to develop a workable VTOL demonstrator. The first batch of 6 P1127s had minor modifications as the learning curve developed. These aircraft were followed by an evaluation batch of 9 Kestrel aircraft to understand the operational capabilities of a VTOL aircraft. This aircraft was the second produced, and was destroyed in an accident after 6 months testing.

X-Plane Development[]

The P1127 is a very simple aircraft design save for the use of vectored thrust! The key criteria for developing this aircraft was to ensure the aircraft was stable in both horizontal (aerodynamic lift providing upwards force) and vertical (engine thrust providing upwards force) flight. Stability is most affected by the relative positions of the centre of life and centre of gravity. Consequently, ensuring the centre of gravity is at the mid point of the four jet nozzles ensures stability in vertical flight and

There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

Installation & Flight[]

The download file - will expand to a folder P1127. Place this folder within your x-plane/aircraft directory

Fly the aircraft by opening from the x-plane menu

All controls for this aircraft are the x-plane defaults. Flaps are operated through engine vectors, so are inactive by themselves.

The aircraft has a good thrust to weight ratio, so with a low fuel weight, should be able to take off vertically. However, the best approach to taking off is to direct the vector to 30 degrees and take off rolling at about 70 knots.

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