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Hawker Harrier GR1
Hawker Harrier GR1 in RAF default livery
Aircraft Harrier GR1
Manufacturer Hawker
Year 1967 (First flight, pre-production)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, close air support
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds No
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit Yes
3D Object Yes
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background[]

The Harrier GR1 was the first operational incarnation of the Harrier family. The RAF and the Royal Navy wanted a supersonic version of the Kestrel (the P1154), but this was canceled. Hawker presented a cheap modification to the Kestrel - the Harrier GR1. Although it looked the same, 90% of the parts were modified. Despite it’s entanglement with the cancellation of the P1154 and TSR2, the Harrier GR1 did benefit, happily adopting the TSR2’s advanced inertial navigation system. Over 100 Harrier GR1's entered RAF service from 1969 before the 1973 upgrade to GR3s.

X-Plane Development[]

There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

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