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English Electric P42-EAG4426
P42 EAG4426.jpg
English Electric P42 EAG4426 Model
Aircraft P42-EAG4426
Manufacturer English Electric
Year 1960 (Design)
Power Ramjet
Primary Use Military, strategic/tactical strike
Development Status Pipe Dream

Aircraft Background[]

In the early 1960s, BAC's English Electric design team developed the P.42 aircraft 'concept' based on the Rolls Royce Type C ramjet. A dozen designs were created around this concept - from naval strike to satellite launch vehicle!! This one is the design for the tactical strike role - EAG.4426. Powered by 2 Rolls Royce type C turbo ramjets delivering 27,000lbs thrust each, the plane had a designed top speed of mach 4.5 planned to be in service in the mid 1980s!! This was a number of design investigations for operational requirement OR346/355 (The replacement for the RAF's TSR2 and Navy's Buccaneer) that gave us the more conservative Tornado!

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