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Airfield/Airport Background[]

Popham is a small airfield located in Hampshire located right next to the A303. It is home to the Spitfire flying club which has around 500 members and is also home to a small flying school as well as a number of private aircraft, including a few that are available for rent from the airfield's owners.

The airfield has 2 grass runways and is well suited for GA aircraft. However, runway 03/21 is only used on certain dates so 08/26 is the primary runway. The approach to 08/26 is always at an angle to what the approach normally should be due to noise abatement rules, and the approach to runway 26 has a white arrow to guide pilots in.

Every year a number of events are held including a New Years Day fly-in and a Microlight Trade Fair. There are also a few motorcycle and model flying events held throughout the year.

X-Plane Development[]

A rough apt.dat has been made but alterations to the DSF tile will need to be made to smoothen out runway 03/21.


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Popham Airfield

EGHP Popham
Needs Picture
Official ICAO Code EGHP
Name Popham
Year apt.dat represents Present
Boundary None
Geographical Accuracy Medium
Detail of Taxilines None
Signs None
Custom Markings None
Conversion Rating N/A
Author Flyboy
Original Author Flyboy
Distribution Permission --
Development Status Alpha
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