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Aircraft Islander
Manufacturer Britten Norman
Year 1965
Power Prop
Primary Use Civil
Developer Pedrovl
X-Plane Version 7.63/8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds Yes
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit No
3D Object No
Publisher AeroPedro
Licence Freeware
Cost free
File Size 4MB

Aircraft Background Edit

The Britten-Norman Islander is a small twin prop aircraft produced at Bembridge airport on the Isle of Wight. It has sold more then 1250 worldwide since its first flight in 1965 and is still being produced today.

There have been a couple of variations derived from the basic airframe. The first is the Defender which is a militarised version of the Islander. One such operator of this is the British Army, for whom it is their only fixed wing aircraft. Another variant is the Trislander, a stretched 3 engine version operated by a number of small airlines.

The Islander itself has gone through a number of versions, with the current ones being the BN2B and the BN2T.

The islander is popular with airlines operating out of small airports due to its small size, although it has also found popularity in UK police air support units not assigned helicopters.

X-Plane Development Edit

BN2A and BN2B versions have been released with various liveries and full 2D interior available in separate downloads.


Various liveries can be downloaded at AeroPedro.

A HM Coastguard livery can be downloaded from

BN2A Coastguard

Islander off Dover

Installation & Flight Edit

Place the aircraft folder anywhere you wish, although the aircraft folder is generally best.

To fly, simply open the .acf file in X-Plane.

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