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BAe P103
BAe P103 in basic paint
Aircraft P103
Manufacturer BAe
Year 1984 (Design Frozen)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, close air support
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 9.22
Development Status Beta
3D Object Yes

Aircraft Background[]

During the 1980s, BAe's Kingston design office (of Hawker heritage) were steadily evolving their Harrier/pegasus architecture to produce the P1216, as had happened several times in the jet age, the Warton (English Electric heritage) design office leapfrogged the wisdom of the day with the revolutionary P103. Starting from scratch, there were able to design a highly maneuverable ultra- STOL fighter to become the front runner for AST.403. Sadly this plane never made it past full scale mockup. AST.403 was changed yet again and the resulting removal of STOVL capability changed BAe's submission a more standard fighter - the P110.

X-Plane Development[]

The canard winglets and vertical stabilizer on this plane were actually fixed. Roll control was achieved through conventional ailerons, however pitch was through thrust deflection and yaw through drag rudders. Building this type of control set up is challenging without the extra requirement for longitudinal stability through all modes of vertical and horizontal flight!!

Installation & Flight[]

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